Why Won’t My iPhone Charge? Here Are The Details

iPhones are arguably the most common sort of phones today. They do not only depict class and popularity, but they are also common due to their operating system, the iOS, which offers some of the best applications that keep the users chained to its services. The operating system which happens to be the real rocker of the phone has very significant hardware and also a further powerful platform to it. So, what do you do when your iphone won’t turn on or charge? What is the real problem with it?

Here are some of the proven reasons when you can say that my iPhone won’t charge:

1. The iPhone port is clogged with dust, pocket lint, debris or some other form of obstruction

These small obstructions can well enough prevent the charging cable from fitting perfectly into the iPhone. The first thing to do in this situation is to ensure you check the port of the phone, and search for any forms of clogs or build up. It is essential to remove it with the use of a dry toothbrush or a toothpick, a can of air can also help in blowing out the clogs. Once the port is all cleared out, you can try charging it again.

2. The cables plug end

The problem might also be at the end of the cables plug, this is because the socket can also accrue obstructions on it, this is the stuff that would further prevent the charging connection to form, and this is an unknown reason to why the iPhone won’t charge.

3. Its plugged outlet

The reason the iPhone is not charging is that of where it is plugged into, and this is because the wall outlet itself may not be working or the light switch is most probably switched off. The trick, in this case, is to ensure you change the outlet.

4. Damage to the USB charging cable

In the case that the USB charging cable is torn or fraying, then this will possibly prevent the iPhone from charging. If the cable is damaged, the iPhone will need a new USB cable. Another potential problem that presents itself with a torn USB cable is of cheap knock-off cables that are of low quality.

5. The iPhone is severely damaged

In the case that the iPhone is hugely damaged, then this would cause the iPhone not to charge. Usually, in cases of a pure crack, the iPhone will still be able to charge with no difference, but in the case, the iPhone is severely damaged then the phone will not cost, and the reason being the hardware is profoundly impaired. Another equally common reason for the charging problem is water contact, or through dropping the iPhone into any other liquid, and not being able to dry it correctly. In the case where the iPhone has excessive water damage that won’t wipe out than the iPhone battery just get destroyed, with accompanied electrical components, and will further prevent the iPhone from charging. This is, however, very easy to tell because if the iPhone fell into the water and it is later on not charging, the reason is most certainly apparent.

In most circumstances when the iPhone is damaged, either through water or a blunt force, the iPhone will not be able to turn on or to either respond to the standard fixes, and that is inclusive of the problems for that like leaving the iPhone plugged in for a while, let alone allowing it to charge further when connected to a power source. In the case where the iPhone is broken, then it will also need servicing or getting a new one.